Support A Mother: Have You Heard Of Maternal Entrepreneurship?

In recent years, entrepreneurship has become the reality for many women, especially mothers. For many, it is the golden dream: working from home, accompanying the growth of children, being more present in the daily life of the family and achieving the long-awaited financial stability. It all looks very beautiful, doesn’t it? However, we need to talk about the reality of maternal entrepreneurship . Follow along and find out how to support mothers!

Mothers in the job market

According to a survey, in 2016, more than half of women lose their jobs after having children . According to the study, 24 months after the birth of the children, 50% of women who took maternity leave are already out of the labor market. In general, most of these exits are unfair dismissals.

In addition, the investigation states that the dismissals are directly related to the mother’s level of formal education. This is because professionals with higher schooling experience job losses of up to 35% in the 12 months after the beginning of the leave. However, this drop is 51% for women with a lower educational level.

Why do so many mothers want to undertake?

Faced with the challenges of the labor market for women and, above all, for mothers, we see that entrepreneurship is often an alternative . Driven much more by necessity than any other feeling, mothers overcome prejudices and overcome the challenges of a prejudiced and still sexist society.

From 2001 to 2011, for example, the number of women entrepreneurs grew by 21% . Meanwhile, in the same period, the number of male entrepreneurs grew by only 9%. And the data show that this movement has grown more and more, becoming a true phenomenon.

There are many women who have become examples of female and also maternal entrepreneurship. And there are already specialized networks in support of these professionals. However, despite the seductive speech, entrepreneurship can be quite challenging.